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Rory and Kate have been lucky enough to own 3 boats each named by us 'Streetcar'.

The current, and our 3rd, 'Streetcar' is a Grand Soleil 52

Designed by the respected naval architect 
German Frers, it was built by Cantiere del Pardo in Italy & launched in 1993.

If you know your boats, you'd say this STREETCAR looks a lot like a Swan. Blame that on the designer: Grand Soleil & Swan both used Frers in the early days. Still, we're very happy to be sailing the oceans in a 'spaghetti Swan'.

Streetcar III
Streetcar I Our 1st 'Streetcar’ was a Sovereign 51

Designed by 
Phil Southwell and built in Cape Town by Joek de Haan, it was originally called ‘@C’. A performance cruiser, launched in 2001, it has a strikingly modern & minimalist interior. It looked after us very comfortably on our trip across the South Atlantic from Cape Town, and during the 3 years we lived & chartered in the Caribbean.

Our 2nd ‘Streetcar’ is a 2008 Jeanneau Sunfast 3200

Designed by 
Daniel Andrieu, it’s a fast, fun boat with twin rudders, rather like a scaled down Open 60. Bought for having fun on Sydney harbour, we planned to race it but a combination of complicated Ozzie rules & regs, plus an unexpected relocation back to Europe, meant we didn't get a chance.

Streetcar II

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