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The window below shows Streetcar tracks and anchorage information in the Fiji region. More content will be added soon.

Streetcar is a 52ft monohull, 2.7m deep and 4.7m beam. We don't take chances with hitting the bottom.

It may take time to load the contents of the window. Unfortunately you can’t yet view this on a mobile device or tablet.

An even better way to view the maps is by downloading the .kmz file to display these tracks and anchorages in Google Earth on your pc.

The usual disclaimers about prudent navigation apply. These tracks have been recorded from real trips, but should obviously not be solely relied upon for safe passage making.

Track info
Hover the mouse over individual tracks to highlight the complete trip. Individual tracks can be downloaded by clicking on the track line and downloading the (zipped) .gpx file which can then be loaded into a plotter such as OpenCPN.

Place info
Click on an anchorage or other place for pictures and information useful for anchoring (holding, protection etc)

Email:   streetcar at yachtstreetcar dot com